Has A Relative Recently Passed Away? Here Are Three Ways That A Storage Unit Can Help You


Losing a relative can be very upsetting. It can become even more stressful when you are responsible for quickly deciding what to do with all of their belongings. Here are some ways that renting a storage unit might be able to help you during this hard time. You Have More Time to Make Decisions Did your relative live in an apartment, assisted living facility or a nursing home? If so, you will have to move their things out of their living space within a certain time period.

10 December 2015

How To Protect Your Piano's Keys When Moving Your Piano


When you are moving your piano, you are going to want to make sure that it stays in as good of condition as possible. One of the mains parts of your piano that you are going to want to protect is your keyboard. Many pianos have ivory keys and it is not cheap to replace ivory. Even if your keys are not made out of such an expensive material, you are going to want to make sure that you don't inflate your moving costs by adding in piano repair costs.

9 December 2015

Four Things To Review In Your Moving Contact


If you have hired movers for your relocation, then you want to be sure that you review the contract with the company before signing and moving forward with your move. Not reviewing your contract can cost you both money and time. Here are four things that you should review to be sure that you are prepared: Your Information: The address that you are moving from and your new address should all be correct, as well as your phone number, name, and other information that you have provided to the company.

2 December 2015

Save Time And Money By Getting Ready For Your Moving Company


If you moving an entire household of belongings, it's important to be prepared for your move. With careful planning, you can save time and money when you move from one home to another. Good organization is the key to a successful move, whether you use a moving company or you try to move on your own. When you choose to work with a moving company, it will help to pack carefully, use the right packing supplies, and carefully label everything.

30 November 2015

Placing Valuables In Storage: What You Should Do


You can use self-storage for a variety of purposes. You can store appliances, seasonal tools, excess clothing, and hobby-related items. You can also use self-storage to house your valuables in a safe environment outside your home. If you are planning on putting expensive silverware, collectible items, name-brand clothing, or even jewelry in storage, make sure you do the following things to ensure they remain safe while in storage away from your home.

24 November 2015

4 Benefits To Utilizing Moving Services


If you have a move coming up in the near future, it's time to start thinking about the actual moving process. You may think that you have everything in order yourself, but sometimes it really pays to hire a professional, such as Bell Moving & Storage. Hiring for moving services can make your life a lot easier and can make you better enjoy your move. Take a look at the following information to better understand some of the top reasons to invest in moving services.

19 November 2015

Deciding How To Ship Furniture


Shipping furniture can be one of the most challenging tasks when moving, especially for large bookshelves, couches and beds that aren't easy to disassemble. You may want to save money by disassembling your furniture and moving it yourself. However, given how challenging and potentially dangerous the process might be, you will need to understand what is involved before you decide between one option or another.  Consider Buying Insurance Given how expensive furniture can be, you should consider purchasing furniture insurance.

16 November 2015