Four Packing Tips To Help You Make The Most Out Of Space When You Are Moving


Moving can be a very stressful time, and packing may be one of the biggest chores you have to do before your big moving day. With good organization and a few tips, getting all you things moved can be a lot easier. If you are planning on making a big move soon, here are some tips that will help you get everything organized for your move:

1. Getting Organized Before You Even Start Packing

Before you get started packing, you will want to get organized. You will want to make sure that know where items go and that get packed in boxes. You may also want to label the boxes for the different areas that they need to go. You can also organize boxes by sizes for different areas, such as a small box for collectibles and small items. Use shoe boxes and put them in a bigger box to keep things together.  

2. Keeping Fragile Items Safe With Packing Materials

Having things get broken can be one of the most frustrating parts of moving. To prevent this, make sure that you have all the right packing materials. You can get materials like packing popcorn to ensure that your most fragile possessions make it to their new home. You may also want to pick plenty of recycled newspapers and other materials to pack all you belongings with.

3. Organizing All The Electronics To Easily Find And Set Up

Any modern home has a lot of electronics. You may have cords, connections and wires that you want to be able to easily get to when you get to your new home. Use cable ties to keep wires bundled together. You may also want to use masking tape to label electronics and where they go. Velcro cable ties can also be good, which you can also use to organize cables after you have unpacked everything.

4. Preparing Items That Go In Storage And Those That Go Home

You may also want to get everything organized for where it needs to go when you pack. If some things are going to go to storage, keep them packed in the back of the moving truck. This will keep them out of the way when you are moving into your home. If you want to put things in storage first, you can do this in reverse. However, saving the storage for last will allow you to add more to the storage unit if there is not enough room in your home.

These are some tips to help you get everything organized for your big moving day. If you need a place to store things while you get settled in to your new home, contact a self-storage service like L M Storage to put things away for a short time. 


15 December 2015

Streamlining Your Next Move

After my boss told me that I would probably be moving a lot for work, I realized we needed to get a little more organized. Instead of gathering produce boxes and hoping for the best, we started analyzing our mistakes and successes of previous relocations. We realized that we usually got hung up on the packing, which is why we asked my employer to pay for a professional service. Our next relocation was a breeze. This blog is all about identifying storage problems so that you can avoid hassles, delays, and expensive mistakes that could destroy your overall budget.