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Storage Tips For Vintage Cassette Tapes, Records, And Musical Equipment To Keep Items Protected And Organized

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If you own a small shop that sells used vintage cassette tapes, records, and musical equipment and are going to be moving your inventory to a larger building in the near future, organize and pack the items that will temporarily be placed in a storage unit by using the following tips. By keeping all of your inventory in order and protected from damage, on the day of the move you will be able to load everything up with precision and locate specific items with ease once you arrive at the new location.  Sort, Clean, And Alphabetize Recordings Sort through all of the merchandise that you have for sale at your business before packing up materials to place in a storage unit. Lay out items according to type. Inspect records and cassettes to make sure that they are not damaged. If they are in bad shape, place them in a separate area so that they can be repaired or disposed of. Once you have determined which items you would like to store in a unit, set them in separate stacks, according to type, and alphabetize everything by artist or song title so that you won’t have difficulty locating a specific song or artist in the future.  Place Materials In Airtight Containers Or Cabinets Purchase airtight containers that have lids or cabinets that are designed to hold records and tapes to place merchandise inside of before moving it to a storage unit. Do not stack records or tapes on top of each other, since doing so can cause a lot of weight to be placed on specific pieces and cause them to become damaged. Instead, stand up records so that they are stored, side by side. Place cassette tapes in individual holders that are built into a container or cabinet or that are purchased separately. Stabilize And Cover Musical Equipment With A Leak-Proof Cover Before Labeling  Pack musical equipment, such as stereos, record players, and tape cassette decks, in a large bin that is made out of sturdy materials. Separate the pieces of equipment so that units aren’t touching other ones. Place foam pieces in between items that are lightweight and that may shift while they are being transported to a storage facility. Lay a leak-proof cover over all of the equipment and label the outside of the container with adhesive stickers that describe the items that are located underneath it. A leak-proof cover will prevent materials from becoming damaged if they are exposed to moisture. Once you place the lid on the bin, apply a label that lists the contents on the outside, as well. Place everything that you have packed up inside of a rented storage unit. On the day that you are ready to move the items to the new establishment, you will be able to keep track of the location of merchandise that is being transported and will be able to unload containers upon your arrival and place items in designated areas without confusion.  For more tips, go to websites of local moving...

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Use These Tips To Safely Stash White Wine In A Self-Storage Unit

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Whether you’re between homes or simply ran out of room in your basement, you need a safe place to store your collection of white wines. A self-storage unit at a secure facility will do the trick, but there are two things you have to watch for to avoid accidentally turning your delicious wine into a sour mess. Here’s what you need to know. Climate Control is Key One of the most critical features the self-storage unit must have is climate control. Regular storage won’t do, because the temperature can fluctuate too high or too low. Too much heat can spoil the wine, while a storage unit that gets too cold can cause the wine to freeze and lead to cracks in the bottle and other unwanted damage. For long-term storage, white wine needs to be in an area that’s around 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, regular climate-controlled units keep the temperature between 65 and 85 degrees. Therefore, you need to look for a facility that has cold storage, units where the temperature can be adjusted, or rooms specifically designed for storing wine, as these will usually be kept around the temperature you need. If you can’t find something like this in your area or the cost is prohibitive, see if you can get a unit that provides access to an electrical outlet and install a wine fridge. This appliance will keep your white wine at the right coldness level. Darkness is a Must Light, and especially sunlight, can also destroy the flavor of your white wine by reacting to the compounds in the liquid. Many times, white wine is put in dark bottles that provide some protection from light exposure. If your white wine is packaged in green, blue, or clear bottles, then you need to take extra precautions. Most storage units are dark, but this isn’t an absolute guarantee. There may be holes or spaces in the walls to allow for air circulation which may allow incandescent light to shine through or the unit may have a window that lets in sunlight. It’s best to pack your white wine in crates or boxes to help protect it from accidental exposure. If you plan to use a wine rack, wrap the bottles in dark cellophane to help block out unwanted light. It’s important to note wine must be stored on its side, so the liquid will help keep the cork moist. If you store wine upright, the cork will dry out and shrink, which may introduce air into the wine and destroy the flavor. For more information about storing wine in a storage unit or to rent a room at a facility, contact a storage company near you. Contact a business, such as Lake County Storage of Round Lake Heights, for more...

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3 Advantages to Having Professional Movers Relocate Your Possessions for You

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When you decide to move to a new home, the prospect of living in a different location may be exciting. However, you may find that you are less thrilled about the process of relocating your belongings. Still, moving to a new house or apartment does not have to be cumbersome if you decide to hire a professional moving company. Here are a few advantages of hiring professional movers to relocate your possessions for you: Insurance Many professional moving companies insure the items that they move. Thus, if the unlikely damage to some of your furniture or other items occurs, there is insurance available to help cover the cost of repair or replacement.  If an item arrives at your new home broken or damaged, a claim can be submitted for damage reimbursement. When you handle a move on your own comma damage to your items will likely have to be covered out-of-pocket. Injury Reduction Sometimes, it can be easy to lift using proper form and technique when you are only moving a couple of boxes. However, when you are relocating a house full of possessions, your proper lifting form may begin to suffer as you tire. Back injuries that result from improper lifting can take months to heal. These injuries can be avoided by allowing a moving company to move your items for you. Movers usually have access to and wear protective equipment, such as back supports, as they move your items. In addition, since there is usually a moving crew dispatched to complete your move, individual workers are not overloaded or excessively fatigued. Proper Packing Sometimes, even with the best intentions, your packing skills may be inadequate to properly protect your belongings during a move. Still, your items should be packed properly based on their structure. Movers generally know how to best protect delicate items, such as china. They may employ different types of protective applications, such as bubble wrap of different sizes and drop cloths, based on the nature of the item. In addition, furnishings that have delicate woodwork or thin legs can avoid damage by being packed professionally. Sometimes, disassembly may be the best option to avert damage. The cost of a moving company is minimal when compared to that of your time, effort and the rental of a moving truck. If you are planning an upcoming move, contact a moving company in your area like Walsh Moving &...

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Clear Out Your Child’s Room For College With A Storage Unit

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After your child leaves for college, you likely want to start looking into what you’re going to be using their old bedroom for. Whether you want to turn their bedroom into an office or a guest room, you likely have a lot of extra things that your child left behind due to limited space in their dorm or plans to pick it up after they get their own apartment or home in the future. Instead of allowing their items to take up valuable space in your home, consider what can be done while renting a storage unit. Decide What Sentimental Items to Keep An easy way to get started with sorting through what should or should not be stored in the storage unit is figuring out what should be thrown away and what should be preserved. You likely have a ton of items including photos, artwork from them as a child, and other sentimental things that can be hard to get sort through. While some of these items should definitely going into storage for later viewing, you want to make sure that the storage unit doesn’t become full of useless things that your child may not want. Discuss Who Will Pay for the Unit Another important thing to consider when looking into renting a storage unit for your child’s items is who is going to be paying for it. In many cases, the parent will choose to pay for the storage unit due to their desire for extra storage space at home. However, if the storage unit is only including items of your child, it may be best for them to take care of expenses. Pick a Location That Makes Sense One other thing you will need to discuss with your child is where would be the best location for the unit. In many cases, your child will want to have access to their items, especially for seasonal clothing or photographs they may want to look back on with friends while in college. With this in mind, it could be best to choose a storage unit closer to their college—unless it is a far drive and not worth the moving truck needed. Keep Valuables and Important Documents at Home While you may be comfortable with storing personal things such as photographs in the storage unit, it is important that you remember never to store valuables such as expensive jewelry or important documents including tax information or a passport. For these items, make sure you keep them stored at home in a safe or other location more appropriate. Renting a storage unit can come with a number of benefits, but there are some unique challenges when you’re considering renting one for your child. By keeping the above tips in mind you can move forward with renting a storage unit that will provide ample storage space while her child is in college so that you are free to use their old bedroom as you...

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Making The Most Out Of Hiring A Moving Company

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If you are moving an entire house of belongings from one place to another, you have to get prepared. With some careful planning, strong boxes and labeling, you can take some stress out of moving to a new house. To make the most out of hiring movers, being ready when they arrive is essential. When you are clear where belongings are supposed to go in the new house, movers will be able to move more efficiently. As you prepare for your move, here are some tips to help make the transition easier. Take Your Time Packing As you pack up your things to move to your next home, take your time to sort through your items. Give away any useful items that you no longer need, recycle the trash that you can, and throw away anything that is no longer useful. When you go slowly and get rid of things you no longer need, you will have less to move and unpack.  Have All the Packing Supplies Ready Make sure that you have enough boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and markers before you begin. This way, you can create a system early on about how you are going to pack up each room. When you have the supplies you need in the beginning, you won’t waste time looking for materials to pack with. Label Everything While you may know what’s in a box labeled “study,” your movers may not. If the items inside the box are fragile, make sure that you indicate this clearly on the box. Let your movers know where the study is in your new home, so that they can bring any boxes labeled as such to the correct room. Remember to label boxes “this side up” to avoid boxes being turned over.  Use Notes to Label Rooms in the New Home If you don’t want to end up with a bunch of boxes in your new living room, label each room with a sticky note or two, indicating which boxes go with which room. While the kitchen may be an obvious room in your new home, “Bobby’s Room” won’t mean anything to the movers until the room is labeled this way.  As you prepare to move to your new home, try to pack your essentials last so that you can unpack them first when you get to your new place. This way, you will be able to begin settling into your new home quickly. For more information and tips, contact local moving companies or visit websites...

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5 Hacks That Will Help Take The Stress Out Of Your Upcoming Move

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If everyone is being honest, moving is one of the most stressful events of your life. You’re worried about whether you will be able to afford the move and if your grandmother’s china set will survive the move. However, there are ways you can reduce some of the stress that you are feeling so that you can dig deep down and experience the excitement that goes along with moving. It will take some organized planning and hard work on your part, but you can do it. Here are a few tips to help take the stress out of your move: 1. Cut Out Handles in Heavy Boxes. Make your heavy lifting a little bit simpler by making those heavy boxes a lot easier to pick up. All you need to do is use a utility knife to cut out two triangles (with the main point facing down) on each side of the box. You will need to make sure there isn’t anything in the box that could fall out of the triangle-shaped handle that you cut out, but it works wonders. 2. Don’t Pay for Bubble Wrap and Foam. Packing supplies, such as foam and bubble wrap, can really hurt the bank account. Instead of spending an arm and a leg on these supplies, utilize things that you have in your home that you’re going to be moving anyway. Inside the boxes, this includes things like sheets, t-shirts, socks and towels. You can stuff glasses with socks (or just put the glass in the sock), wrap dishes in sheets or towels, and place artwork or pictures inside of t-shirts. For extra padding in the moving truck between fragile items, you can use trash bags stuffed with pillows, stuffed animals and blankets. This helps to keep these items from shifting around too much and helps to avoid damage. 3. Use Foam Plates as Padding for Breakable Plates. If you have ceramic or glass plates that are extremely delicate, you could wrap them in some of your towels or shirts. However, another option is to use foam plates in between each breakable plate. This helps to minimize the breaking or chipping of the plates. 4. Make Plastic Wrap Your Best Friend. If you can’t stand the thought of having to empty your dresser, then you may want to consider using plastic wrap on it. By doing this, you avoid the need of emptying your drawers, packing those items into boxes and taking up more room in the moving truck (which you don’t really have to waste). Leave everything in your drawers and wrap the entire dresser in plastic wrap. 5. Hire a Professional. At the end of the day, nothing really and truly beats hiring someone to do all of this for you. If you have the budget for it, you can hire a residential moving service to pack, load, move, unload and unpack all of your stuff. Alternatively, if you need to save money, you can pack and load your own items and just leave the moving part to the professionals (like City Haul...

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Four Packing Tips To Help You Make The Most Out Of Space When You Are Moving

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Moving can be a very stressful time, and packing may be one of the biggest chores you have to do before your big moving day. With good organization and a few tips, getting all you things moved can be a lot easier. If you are planning on making a big move soon, here are some tips that will help you get everything organized for your move: 1. Getting Organized Before You Even Start Packing Before you get started packing, you will want to get organized. You will want to make sure that know where items go and that get packed in boxes. You may also want to label the boxes for the different areas that they need to go. You can also organize boxes by sizes for different areas, such as a small box for collectibles and small items. Use shoe boxes and put them in a bigger box to keep things together.   2. Keeping Fragile Items Safe With Packing Materials Having things get broken can be one of the most frustrating parts of moving. To prevent this, make sure that you have all the right packing materials. You can get materials like packing popcorn to ensure that your most fragile possessions make it to their new home. You may also want to pick plenty of recycled newspapers and other materials to pack all you belongings with. 3. Organizing All The Electronics To Easily Find And Set Up Any modern home has a lot of electronics. You may have cords, connections and wires that you want to be able to easily get to when you get to your new home. Use cable ties to keep wires bundled together. You may also want to use masking tape to label electronics and where they go. Velcro cable ties can also be good, which you can also use to organize cables after you have unpacked everything. 4. Preparing Items That Go In Storage And Those That Go Home You may also want to get everything organized for where it needs to go when you pack. If some things are going to go to storage, keep them packed in the back of the moving truck. This will keep them out of the way when you are moving into your home. If you want to put things in storage first, you can do this in reverse. However, saving the storage for last will allow you to add more to the storage unit if there is not enough room in your home. These are some tips to help you get everything organized for your big moving day. If you need a place to store things while you get settled in to your new home, contact a self-storage service like L M Storage to put things away for a short...

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Has A Relative Recently Passed Away? Here Are Three Ways That A Storage Unit Can Help You

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Losing a relative can be very upsetting. It can become even more stressful when you are responsible for quickly deciding what to do with all of their belongings. Here are some ways that renting a storage unit might be able to help you during this hard time. You Have More Time to Make Decisions Did your relative live in an apartment, assisted living facility or a nursing home? If so, you will have to move their things out of their living space within a certain time period. You may be dealing with your own personal grief and not yet ready to make decisions about the ultimate fate of your loved one’s things, but many landlords and facilities will give you a deadline for having their things removed. Renting a storage unit will give you more time to figure out what you want to do with all of your relative’s things. You can go through everything at your own pace instead of having to make rushed decisions. Keep Things Safe for Distant Relatives If your relative left some of their belongings to other relatives who do not live locally, it might not be possible for them to retrieve those items right away because they need to make travel arrangements. Renting a unit to store those items until they arrive gives them more time to travel and spares you the trouble of having to move the items into your house for the short term. Prevent Too Much Clutter in Your Own House You may be grieving your relative, but you may not have enough room in your home for their things to remain permanently. This is particularly the case if you live in a small apartment and have had to clean out their entire house. By renting a storage unit, you can still keep items that belonged to the relative you love without having to create clutter and disorganization in your own place. Over time, you can decide what you’d like to keep, give away or discard. Losing a relative can be an upsetting experience, but renting a storage unit can help make it easier for you to figure out what to do with their belongings. Talk to some rental companies in the area to determine which may be able to offer you the best deal. You and your family can then hold on to your deceased relative’s things as long as you...

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How To Protect Your Piano’s Keys When Moving Your Piano

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When you are moving your piano, you are going to want to make sure that it stays in as good of condition as possible. One of the mains parts of your piano that you are going to want to protect is your keyboard. Many pianos have ivory keys and it is not cheap to replace ivory. Even if your keys are not made out of such an expensive material, you are going to want to make sure that you don’t inflate your moving costs by adding in piano repair costs. Here are some tips for protecting the keys of your piano during a move. 1. Look for a Keyboard Cover If you have a keyboard cover, you are in luck, because keyboard covers are one of the best ways to make sure that your keys stay safe while moving the piano. The hard, wooden keyboard cover will prevent anything from falling on the keys and damaging them. It will also keep all pressure during the move off the keys and disperse that pressure throughout the piano. If you have a keyboard cover, you are going to want to make sure that it stays shut during the move. Some keyboard covers have locks. If you don’t have the key for the lock, contact a locksmith before the move. If your cover does not lock, then you are going to need to figure out a way to secure it. Consider using liberal amounts of blue painter’s tape, which will be able to provide mild adhesive properties that can be used to keep the keyboard cover closed, but will not harm the wood of your piano. Before closing your keyboard cover, consider placing a clean towel over the keys to increase the overall amount of protection. 2. If You Don’t Have a Keyboard Cover If you don’t have a keyboard cover, then you are going to need to make sure that you compensate by covering the keys as well as possible. If the keyboard part of your piano juts out from the piano itself, you might be able to take a long, plastic box and, by turning it sideways, place it over the keys themselves. You will definitely want to use painter’s tape to secure three or four towels gently on top of the keys before putting the box over the keys. For more information, talk to a company that specializes in piano moving, like Johnson Piano...

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Four Things To Review In Your Moving Contact

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If you have hired movers for your relocation, then you want to be sure that you review the contract with the company before signing and moving forward with your move. Not reviewing your contract can cost you both money and time. Here are four things that you should review to be sure that you are prepared: Your Information: The address that you are moving from and your new address should all be correct, as well as your phone number, name, and other information that you have provided to the company. If the addresses are wrong, it can waste time because the company may not be able to find you or your new home once they are on the road with your things. You also want to be sure that the information is correct in the case that you need to file a claim. The process of filing may be slower if information needs to be changed.  The Timeline: Your moving company will write down an estimated time of arrival that you should be aware of in the case that you are moving a long distance. If you are going to arrive to your new home sooner than the moving company, then be sure that you have all items packed with you that you will need right away. You will also want to double check the date and time that the moving company will be arriving to pack up your items.  Additional Charges: When you receive an estimate from a moving company, the estimate can possibly change because of additional charges. These additional charges can be applied for things, such as heavier furniture items that need to be moved, as well as fragile antique items. You may even have additional charges because of parking situations. For example, if you are moving from an apartment and the moving company has to park far away from your actual unit, you can be charged for additional labor services.  Liability Limits: Finally, be sure that you check on the liability limits with the moving company’s insurance. You want to be sure that your more expensive items will be covered under this policy in the case of damage. If not, then you will want to pack these expensive or antique items with you instead of with the moving company. You also want to be sure that injuries are covered under the moving company’s policy so you are not responsible for them.  By knowing what to check on a moving company’s contract, you can be sure that you save both money and time. Contact a local moving company, like SC Moving, to get...

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