Use These Tips To Safely Stash White Wine In A Self-Storage Unit


Whether you're between homes or simply ran out of room in your basement, you need a safe place to store your collection of white wines. A self-storage unit at a secure facility will do the trick, but there are two things you have to watch for to avoid accidentally turning your delicious wine into a sour mess. Here's what you need to know.

Climate Control is Key

One of the most critical features the self-storage unit must have is climate control. Regular storage won't do, because the temperature can fluctuate too high or too low. Too much heat can spoil the wine, while a storage unit that gets too cold can cause the wine to freeze and lead to cracks in the bottle and other unwanted damage.

For long-term storage, white wine needs to be in an area that's around 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, regular climate-controlled units keep the temperature between 65 and 85 degrees. Therefore, you need to look for a facility that has cold storage, units where the temperature can be adjusted, or rooms specifically designed for storing wine, as these will usually be kept around the temperature you need.

If you can't find something like this in your area or the cost is prohibitive, see if you can get a unit that provides access to an electrical outlet and install a wine fridge. This appliance will keep your white wine at the right coldness level.

Darkness is a Must

Light, and especially sunlight, can also destroy the flavor of your white wine by reacting to the compounds in the liquid. Many times, white wine is put in dark bottles that provide some protection from light exposure. If your white wine is packaged in green, blue, or clear bottles, then you need to take extra precautions.

Most storage units are dark, but this isn't an absolute guarantee. There may be holes or spaces in the walls to allow for air circulation which may allow incandescent light to shine through or the unit may have a window that lets in sunlight. It's best to pack your white wine in crates or boxes to help protect it from accidental exposure. If you plan to use a wine rack, wrap the bottles in dark cellophane to help block out unwanted light.

It's important to note wine must be stored on its side, so the liquid will help keep the cork moist. If you store wine upright, the cork will dry out and shrink, which may introduce air into the wine and destroy the flavor.

For more information about storing wine in a storage unit or to rent a room at a facility, contact a storage company near you. Contact a business, such as Lake County Storage of Round Lake Heights, for more information. 


8 June 2016

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