Storage Tips For Vintage Cassette Tapes, Records, And Musical Equipment To Keep Items Protected And Organized


If you own a small shop that sells used vintage cassette tapes, records, and musical equipment and are going to be moving your inventory to a larger building in the near future, organize and pack the items that will temporarily be placed in a storage unit by using the following tips. By keeping all of your inventory in order and protected from damage, on the day of the move you will be able to load everything up with precision and locate specific items with ease once you arrive at the new location.

28 July 2016

Use These Tips To Safely Stash White Wine In A Self-Storage Unit


Whether you're between homes or simply ran out of room in your basement, you need a safe place to store your collection of white wines. A self-storage unit at a secure facility will do the trick, but there are two things you have to watch for to avoid accidentally turning your delicious wine into a sour mess. Here's what you need to know. Climate Control is Key One of the most critical features the self-storage unit must have is climate control.

8 June 2016

3 Advantages to Having Professional Movers Relocate Your Possessions for You


When you decide to move to a new home, the prospect of living in a different location may be exciting. However, you may find that you are less thrilled about the process of relocating your belongings. Still, moving to a new house or apartment does not have to be cumbersome if you decide to hire a professional moving company. Here are a few advantages of hiring professional movers to relocate your possessions for you:

13 April 2016

Clear Out Your Child's Room For College With A Storage Unit


After your child leaves for college, you likely want to start looking into what you're going to be using their old bedroom for. Whether you want to turn their bedroom into an office or a guest room, you likely have a lot of extra things that your child left behind due to limited space in their dorm or plans to pick it up after they get their own apartment or home in the future.

27 January 2016