3 Advantages to Having Professional Movers Relocate Your Possessions for You


When you decide to move to a new home, the prospect of living in a different location may be exciting. However, you may find that you are less thrilled about the process of relocating your belongings. Still, moving to a new house or apartment does not have to be cumbersome if you decide to hire a professional moving company. Here are a few advantages of hiring professional movers to relocate your possessions for you:


Many professional moving companies insure the items that they move. Thus, if the unlikely damage to some of your furniture or other items occurs, there is insurance available to help cover the cost of repair or replacement.

 If an item arrives at your new home broken or damaged, a claim can be submitted for damage reimbursement.

When you handle a move on your own comma damage to your items will likely have to be covered out-of-pocket.

Injury Reduction

Sometimes, it can be easy to lift using proper form and technique when you are only moving a couple of boxes. However, when you are relocating a house full of possessions, your proper lifting form may begin to suffer as you tire. Back injuries that result from improper lifting can take months to heal. These injuries can be avoided by allowing a moving company to move your items for you.

Movers usually have access to and wear protective equipment, such as back supports, as they move your items. In addition, since there is usually a moving crew dispatched to complete your move, individual workers are not overloaded or excessively fatigued.

Proper Packing

Sometimes, even with the best intentions, your packing skills may be inadequate to properly protect your belongings during a move. Still, your items should be packed properly based on their structure.

Movers generally know how to best protect delicate items, such as china. They may employ different types of protective applications, such as bubble wrap of different sizes and drop cloths, based on the nature of the item. In addition, furnishings that have delicate woodwork or thin legs can avoid damage by being packed professionally. Sometimes, disassembly may be the best option to avert damage.

The cost of a moving company is minimal when compared to that of your time, effort and the rental of a moving truck. If you are planning an upcoming move, contact a moving company in your area like Walsh Moving & Storage.


13 April 2016

Streamlining Your Next Move

After my boss told me that I would probably be moving a lot for work, I realized we needed to get a little more organized. Instead of gathering produce boxes and hoping for the best, we started analyzing our mistakes and successes of previous relocations. We realized that we usually got hung up on the packing, which is why we asked my employer to pay for a professional service. Our next relocation was a breeze. This blog is all about identifying storage problems so that you can avoid hassles, delays, and expensive mistakes that could destroy your overall budget.