Deciding How To Ship Furniture


Shipping furniture can be one of the most challenging tasks when moving, especially for large bookshelves, couches and beds that aren't easy to disassemble. You may want to save money by disassembling your furniture and moving it yourself. However, given how challenging and potentially dangerous the process might be, you will need to understand what is involved before you decide between one option or another. 

Consider Buying Insurance

Given how expensive furniture can be, you should consider purchasing furniture insurance. The greater the distance that the furniture will be sent, the more likely that the furniture will become damaged along the way. Furniture is often moved from freight to freight and from freight to warehouse and back. Therefore, you will want to keep your furniture in condensed packaging with a lot of padding. 

Consider Hiring Professional Movers

If you would like to move some of your belongings yourself to reduce the cost of moving, you should at least hire professional movers like Bekins Van Lines Inc to move your furniture. Moving furniture requires strength, balance and coordination. You  can easily hurt yourself or damage the furniture. When hiring movers, differentiate between standard and white glove services. White glove services are designed for when you have furniture that requires special attention to minimize the risk that your  furniture is damaged as it is being packed. White glove movers handle every stage of the process, from disassembling to packaging, transporting and reassembling. 

Look Into Custom Packing Solutions

Many moving companies will use custom corrugated boxes that will ensure that your furniture fits snugly, reducing the risk that it will move and become damaged. If your furniture includes electronic components, it can be shipped with electro-static protection. If you are concerned about your furniture's exposure to moisture, the individual pieces can be wrapped in moisture barriers. Specialized cushioning for odd-shaped furniture is one of the most-effective ways to ensure that each piece arrives undamaged. 

Use the Proper Methods for Moving Furniture Yourself

If you move it yourself, your furniture will need to be disassembled and anything contained with should be removed. For example, if you have drawers, they should be removed. Otherwise, they will slide open and closed, potentially causing damage. Wrap each piece separately. Place cardboard near the corners or add more bubble wrap to protect them. These are the areas where your furniture is the most likely to collide with other objects. The steps taken to protect furniture might seem tedious, but they will save you money when your furniture arrives intact.


16 November 2015

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